The art of successful one night stand.

It happens. Breath. We’re alive and were on your team. So what happened last night?

Did you do it? Did the casual attraction you have been feeling finally emulate to the love you have dreamed of? It’s OK- because you probably looked hot as shit when he asked you to come back last night. No regrets you’re mascara and A game were on.

You’re worried you ruined a friendship. If you’re wondering so is he. I’m confirming for you, he wanted it. So be cool and shut the fuck up.

Next step is to play down the entire situation and get an alibi to cover your ass for your friends. “Last night was so fun I love when I stick to just beer because I remember the whole night” or even “OMG Tonyah was so wasted last night it was embarrassing.” This makes you look great and no one will suspect the poor life decision.

just remember deny, deny, deny at all costs.