Husband Hunting on Vacation: Part 1

Obviously, it is unlikely I’m going to meet a long term husband while on vacation. This being said, if the opportunity for a few make-outs (on the dance floor or chairlift) presents itself I’m all in. I’m going to be working on two experiments and evaluating the responses in the follow up post next week.

Experiment A.
The Liftopia blog posted this article on valentines day, I was busy drinking Chardonnay and watching Safe Haven, now that I am on a ski trip I’m going to select my favorite pick up lines and test them out.
Original article:

Experiment B.
This one is called how to lose a dud. When I need to detach from a clinger, my usual line is “see you never”, I like to follow this up with a hair flip, and walk away. Now this can come off as a joke and sometimes it even makes the hus with no potential want to hangout more. As part of experiment B, I’m going to attempt to scare the hus away by asking “do you want to be my husband?” I’ll report back, especially if this blows up in my face.

Don’t wait around for my save the date, but do check back in next week for the follow up post.



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